i have been a student of photography for over 10 years, and i believe i always will be because no matter how many hundreds and thousands of pictures i take, i’m always learning something new.
i began taking pictures with an old 35mm canon f1 and learned film photography by shooting, developing, and printing film and prints in a self-made darkroom in my garage. i took fine art photography courses in highschool and college and thought i was going to be a fine art photographer forever.

one day, a friend of mine asked me if i would like to sit on the court at a xavier basketball game and take pictures for the school newspaper. i was excited, intimidated, and completely naive. after going to three games without having a single picture that was good enough for print, i almost gave up. a few of the photographers sitting on the court, although they must have been laughing at my completely insufficient equipment (i was borrowing a camera from the art department) took me under their wing and showed me how to adjust the settings for the brightly lit arena with its fast moving players. one of the photographers even let me use one of his old cameras at a game one night and i shot some of the best pictures i’d ever taken.

confident that, with the right equipment, i could be a great photographer, i bought a nikon d80 and a new lens. i travelled to europe and shot everything i saw, coming back with 8gb of beautiful pictures.

in the fall at xavier that year, i became the photo editor of the school newspaper and began working under one of the photographers that had helped me on the court. i began taking pictures at all kinds of events, from speakers to plays and dance performances to rallies and meetings to portraits and engagement photos, and of course, sporting events.

i have since graduated from xavier, and have lived in several states, including texas, washington, colorado, and louisiana. i have matured from a fine art photography student using a black & white film camera, to a professional portrait photographer with a nice digital camera, and a growing collection of lenses!

no matter where i go, i take my camera, and all the lessons i've learned, with me, and i am still taking pictures every single day.